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P3K Gobo & P3K Boober 2016

Last Updated May 3rd 2023

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Welcome to 3 Playful Kennels website!
We're so happy you've decided to drop in.
Please make sure to read all important pages before inquiring about obtaining a P3K puppy.

Here at 3 Playful Kennels we strive to breed the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop!
Breeding Quality dogs for Health, Temperament, & Longevity.

Currently what we have going on here is:

We only breed 1-5 Dachshund litters a year. This can be Co breeding, or regular breeding. Either way we only plan to have a couple of litters from our dogs each year.

P3K Joker - 2015
Photo by Owner - Jennifer H.

We would like to point out here on our site rather then just e-mail and in person.
Our Dachshunds are bred selectively for slightly longer legs, we don't believe in breeding dachshunds with legs so short and long bodied that they aren't able to function properly.
Their legs are longer, their spines are a smidge shorter, creating a more sound dog to be with you for years to come.


Here at P3K we find honesty is the best policy and want to have all information upfront so you know what you are getting.

We also believe in: breeding dogs that won't need to go to the vets all the time due to poor breeding.
They are bred to have legs that are 1/4in to 1in longer then standard, their chests are not so deep as required because we do not like them dragging on the ground, to get burrs and sores and who knows what else, and their rib cages are selectively bred to be longer to support their long bodies, helping their spines be more protected.

There is no point in breeding dogs if they are going to be unhealthy and cause heart ache all the time *being their hearts or yours!*

Unnamed Puppy - 2012

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